Pipin Tarupin

Otherwise known as bloodsworn-marshal!


Pipin Tarupin - Flame General of the Immortal Flames


• An only child.
• His birth father was a gambler and a drunkard with plenty a debt to his name.
• Worked in the mines at an early age.
• After accruing too much debt, Pipin’s birth father sold the child off to the Bloodsands at the age of 12.


• Pipin would come to spend the entirety of his teenage years within the Coliseum’s walls, from the age of 12 to 18.
• During his first year at the Coliseum, he would perform back-breaking labor and bone-crunching training as a fledgling gladiator.
• After his first year, Pipin was ordered to serve as Raubahn’s attendant at the age of 13.
• Months later Raubahn granted the lad freedom by paying off his birth father’s debts. Realizing all too quickly that he might be sold once more however, Pipin begged to stay by his side.
• Seeing as his birth father had also sold off the contract to his parental rights, Raubahn formally purchased said document to officially adopt Pipin as his son. Thus did Pipin continue to live and remain at the Coliseum.
• During his time thereafter, Pipin trained as a gladiator solely under Raubahn’s tutelage.
• Pipin consistently protested to fight on the Bloodsands as well, but was never once permitted.

Early Adult:

• Before the creation of the grand companies, Pipin first began his career as a mercenary and grew seasoned with the years.
• As tensions with the Garleans grew and a Calamity loomed within sights, Pipin became involved with the very establishment of the Immortal Flames as a key member. Eventually serving under the Bloodsworn directly beneath his father.
• In the final days of the Sixth Astral Era, Raubahn and his army succeeded in pushing back the Empire from seizing control of Bluefog. Pipin is presumably apart of the army and present.
• He remained by the Sultana’s side at his father’s behest, entrusted with her care in his absence.
• On the day that the war officially started, Pipin would go with Nanamo to the Arrzaneth Ossuary and guard her as she prayed to the twelve per scion’s instruction. When the Ossuary began to shake violently and masonry fell about them, Pipin remained ever close to the Sultana and protected her from falling debris.
• As riots befell Ul'dah in wake of the Calamity, Pipin would step forward as one of the Sultana’s Seven, alongside Papashan and Cocobuki with his fourth brothers. They would still the madness in Ul'dah’s streets.
• In the days following the Calamity, Pipin investigated and found evidence of Mumuepo’s corruption. With his findings was he able to strip the thaumaturge of all and have him incarcerated, paving the way for the brothers to be made joint guild masters.
• At some point or another, Pipin was stationed at the Ala Mhigan front.

ARR / Heavensward:

• Pipin rushes back to Ul’dah after receiving an urgent message of the chaos following the Banquet to assess the situation fully.
• He rescues Alphinaud and safely sees him and the Warrior of Light away from Ul’dah, soon to return and find the whereabouts of his father.
• In the wake of the banquet, Pipin dealt with all official proceedings as needed. Including colluding with the other Eorzean Alliance leaders to have their assistance in silencing the Monetarists from publishing any news of the Sultana or the Banquet in itself. He also promptly took command of the Immortal Flames while everything was being sorted out.
• After the Warrior of Light saves his father, Pipin stays by his side as he recuperates in the Waking Sands.
• During his frequent stays in the Waking Sands and overseeing the Flames, he also comes to find out the Sultana’s whereabouts after investigating alchemic substances being delivered to the palace. It is he who discovers the truth behind Nanamo’s ‘poison’.
• Since returning to assist with the whole ordeal, Pipin has remained in Ul’dah since and offered his efforts in this stay as both his father and Nanamo recovered.
• Later on Pipin partakes in the Grand Melee. Mainly knocking out Ishgardians and testing his blade against a just recently stabbed Lord Aymeric.
• Stationed at Baelsar’s Wall, Pipin moves to seize control following the battle between Omega and Shinryu. Successfully taking hold and making it to be their base of operations before the Garleans can take it back.


• Pipin plays a major part as one of the officer’s behind Ala Mhigo’s liberation campaign. Many a time fighting alongside Raubahn as second in command and taking a leadership role in missives against the Garleans and their strongholds.
• His first mission goes awry when a surprise attack takes hold of Rhalgr’s Reach. Though Pipin back-peddles and assists in the fight against Zenos, he is unceremoniously thrown to the ground with ease and learns the true might of who exactly they are dealing with.
• He and Raubahn lead the charge in the assault on Specula Imperatorix. Though they need make a hasty retreat as the Garleans lay fire onto their own stronghold, they ultimately gain control.
• Pipin is gifted Raubahn’s blade Tizona before the final battle. His most cherished weapon which he now wields with overwhelming pride into battle from hence forth.
• In the final push against Ala Mhigo’s gates, it is he who brings down the walls with the help of the Alliance and Domans. Effectively breaching her gates and commencing the take over of Ala Mhigo from Garlean hands. Of course, he and his father are the first to charge the line.
• During the Council for Ala Mhigo as the resistance discusses their government going forwards, Pipin takes command of the forces outside the palace walls. Presumably stopping the worst of the Qalyana and tempered servants from invading the meeting and holding the line.
• After Nanamo and Raubahn have made their decision henceforth, Pipin thus returns to Ul’dah by the Sultana’s side. Taking over his father’s duties as both Marshal and Flame General of the Immortal Flames. Effectively becoming the leading person in charge of Ul’dah’s army.
• As the Garleans come to invade Ala Mhigo once more, Pipin travels to Ghimlyt Dark along with the Immortal Flames. Taking part in the war and assisting the Warrior of Light in battle.


• After the Eorzean Alliance convenes on what to do about Garlemald, they decidedly opt to prioritize negotiating relations with their local beast tribes. Pipin and the Immortal Flames take up the task of speaking with the Amalj'aa.
• Due to negotiations with the Amalj'aa, further investigations are being done by Pipin and the Immortal Flames after Amalj'aa have gone missing.
• Pipin is seen with Nanamo spearheading the endeavor of spreading the tempering cure amongst those they have prepared to be executed.
• Mounts the defense at Paglth'an after bringing the Syndicate to a unanimous agreement to support his and the Alliance's cause. He is the main leader of this mission as he brings everyone together.
• As part of the primal force unit of the Immortal Flames, he has Arenvald and Fordola directed at the Telophoroi tower for further investigation.
• As the Telophoroi attack Carteneau with tempered beast tribesmen and lunar primals, Pipin and many other of the Alliance fend off the tempered wilst the Scions deal with the greater primal threat.


• At the Sultana and General Aldynn's behest, Pipin leads the frontlines as part of the Ilsabard contingent. He joins the division as a representative of the Sultanate and brings in an assembly of Ul'dah's finest.
• Proves himself an admirable adversary on the battlefields of Magna Glacies as he makes use of Tizona's accursed flame magicks to raze the ground asunder of his foes.
• As part of their mission to infiltrate the Tower of Babil, Pipin secures the way into Enceladeum with the help of his Ul'dahn crew. After which he assigns the Coco brothers to guard against the entrance against any tempered whilst keeping their escape route clear.
• There he, Lyse, Cirina, Sadu, and Magnai along with the Scions go about their mission fighting their way into the tower.
• After remaining in Garlean lands for a time after, Pipin and the rest of the contingent return home to attend to the captured tempered, refugees, and to check on their neighbor beast tribes following the disappearance of all towers.
• Upon the Scion's request and Sultana's orders, Pipin is set to form an expeditionary party for resources. He is chosen to lead the raiding party and once again assemble their finest.


• Deadly serious in the line of duty.
• Currently 25 years old.
• Enjoys a nip of Ul’dahn spirits each evening, the stronger the better.
• Has a very close and powerful bond with Raubahn who he sees as a father, mentor, and best friend.
• “I live only to serve you, my sultana. Pray command me as you see fit.” – That’s about as loyal as all get. No matter the cause, Pipin is there by Nanamo’s side through thick and thin.
• Absolutely loathes Monetarists and sees them as scum.
• Has employed elite taskforces of spies in various Garlean-controlled castrums. Stark Woad being one of them.
• Has come to control Tizona with an ease much like his father and summon the accursed flame magicks from within.
• In cold weather he tends to wear the heavier Immortal Flames coats with mittens for warmth.
• Can sing. Absolutely. He’s the one singing these lines from Tales from the Storm:

Bandit AU

Pipin Tarupin - Notorious Bandit Leader

Before the inevitable would come to be that his own parents would sell his life away, Pipin had instead chosen to run away from home a few days prior after coming upon the evidence that his biological father had prepared to do such. He thought his luck better in the wilds than to be forced into child labor. So it would be that he fled in the dead of night with what few rations and belongings he called his own, striking out a new life for himself… Out in the never ending sands of the desert. A new place he would soon call home.

From there Pipin spent a large portion of his life adapting and surviving. Learning the ways of the land, making himself at home in what caverns or caves he might find unoccupied. He grew strong by living on the land and learning how to hunt on his own, finding himself in favor of the curved blades and daggers that bandits would normally make use of.

As time went on, he would no longer be alone as he took on other runaway children and others who no longer had a life to return to. Creating a small band of bandits that stole not from just anyone—but from those of great wealth and fortune. Even from other bandits of the desert should they stray too close to their own hideouts. They were secretly lauded as heroes, as Pipin made habit to return most of the stolen wealth back to those of less fortune. Few would be willing to sell them out, considering they technically helped the poorer class without being held down by any of Ul’dah’s typical ruling.

That’s not to say that there aren’t those that oppose him or his ethics. Though much of his crew remain nameless, Pipin’s name and face is notorious around Thanalan… especially to those of the Brass Blades and Immortal Flames. He is known to fool with the guardsmen and sellswords, purposefully creating havoc as he plays by his own rules and defies the law without care. Though he still performs with ‘good intentions’ in his and most of every other’s eyes… he is a public nuisance upon the higher class. Thus does he find himself in trouble often with those of political weight and power. Mayhaps even found himself in a gaol or two before busting himself out.

If ever there was one so highly sought after, it would be he with his ever growing bounty on his head…

Dwarf AU

Pipitt Tholl - Chieftain's Son

Pipitt is a part of the Tholl tribe and son of the leading chieftain. Once a shy boy who simply rode on the coattails of their father growing up, he later on wished to take leave from Tomra. Not only to travel and explore the world over (or at least, what left remains of it), but also because he found his mindset against that of the elders and their ‘traditions’. Their rules were unchangeable. They feared outsiders and let the world rot around them both before and after the flood. Kind they may be to one’s face, but very few ever wish to leave home in the instance their kind be turned upon.

In solitude Pipitt had grown. Such strictness had molded him for a time, until he broke out of his shell and eventually wanted to leave to see the world for himself. Mayhaps even return to Tomra one day and bring about change. If he could prove his mettle on the First and encourage others to venture out as well, that they need no longer fear the outside… that in itself would prove the journey worth it.

In the days of finalizing his plan, he happened to run into an exiled dwarf by the name of Zurott. They had taken to hiding within the inner mountains all this time in shame for their past deeds… After hearing parts of their story, Pipitt took it upon himself to offer for the other to join him. A new life in a world where the warrior of darkness had rid them of everlasting light. The night had but recently returned, and they intended on learning the mysteries of the First.

Together they would go. A dwarf who had been sheltered and privileged all his life, and another who had thrown it all way and embraced freedom. Pipitt however…would finally need to learn how to fight and fend for himself.

Royal AU

Pipin Tarupin - Potential Royal

All begins to come to light with but a single visit. One who approached Pipin with a withered and torn letter, claiming that he is the missing prince of a particular kingdom. In the letter it contained the final words of his supposed true parents, that he was sent away when the fall of their kingdom was eminent. The messenger themselves also claimed to be the very one who brought him to Ul’dah as an infant and left him on a couple’s doorstep. Left to be blissfully unaware that he may belong elsewhere. The messenger also stating they thought never to be able to find Pipin yet again, but heard of his rise in power to the newly instated Flame General. That there may still yet be a flame left that wishes to lead a broken home…

Pipin meant to hide this and be in full denial of such nonsense! The messenger left him be, stating they’d be back some day for an answer while leaving the final letter in Pipin’s hands. The name’s of his supposed parents etched in writing… which might prove to be a familiar name should he wish to research it and confirm the roots with those who might know of the royal line.

In hopes of learning the truth and to find the answers he so desperately seeks, he speaks with Nanamo in privacy. That maybe she might be able to recognize the names or the kingdom mentioned within the contents of the letter. But of course… walls have ears in the Ul’dahn palace, as news swiftly spread of the General’s uncertain upbringing.

A power struggle begins as tensions start to flare. The Monetarists are attempting to take advantage of this uncertainty and tirelessly push Pipin towards resignation of the Immortal Flames, if he is to be of a different nationality, let alone belonging onto another royal line. Those of the other kingdom, having learned word of his finding, are beginning to show up and call for him to return home.

All the while Pipin is merely trying to find a balance he struggles with this weight thrusted upon his shoulders. Knowing only that he wished to remain in Ul’dah and keep hold of all that he’s achieved… not to be cast out for what he may very well be. Though the Sultana herself vouched for him, she too was beginning to grow involved… in that she had taken him under her wing to teach him the finer lifestyle of behaving like a ‘prince’.

Merchant AU

Pipin Tarupin - Youthful Merchant

A fun little AU with @high-stakes-gambler where Teledji happens to purchase the very mines a young Pipin was working in at the time… and comes to find out that his biological father took advantage by selling his child along with as a means to get some coin out of the exchange. Thus does Teledji find himself in ownership and technical fatherhood of the young lad… supposing he may as well get something out of the kid by teaching him the ways of merchantry! Pipin soon to become known as a merchant’s son by his guidance.

Over time the two learn each other. Teledji ever the crooked Monetarist who took advantage of markets and the like, Pipin but a simple bright-eyed child taking to a new home and doing his best to learn how to please his sudden new father. Growing up in years however and becoming privy to Teledji’s plots and schemes… he increasingly finds himself unimpressed, if not in full disagreement with how oft the old man likes to break the law.

Their relationship goes in throws. Sometimes well mannered and sweet, but often soured by the fact that Teledji Adeledji was simply naught but a crook and scammer playing the system. Turning away for a time, Pipin joined with the Immortal Flames in search of doing honest work. He enjoys being able to help the people and learn the ways of the blade. The gap between the two continued to grow… until the very tipping point where Pipin caught onto his father’s scheme to poison the Sultana.

The young man confronts Teledji before he is to slip the poison. Exchanging a vast amount of fiery words before Pipin blurts the contents of his heart. That he didn’t want Teledji to break the law, nor did he want the man to be killed… that he was his only family to give him a true home, despite all else. These words catch the monetarist off guard and he breaks down upon realizing these truths, choosing then to ditch the plan and flee Ul’dah instead.

There Pipin helped lend a hand in secretly leaving through Vesper Bay to procure a new livelihood in Limsa Lominsa. Where Pipin finally takes a shine to learning true merchantry and operating under a new business name and all to help grow Teledji’s business from the ground up. Finally living an honest life where they might learn and grow together in a new market field.

Amaurot AU

Fos - ???

Going by the name of Fos, this inhabitant of Amaurot is known to be a simple, childish prankster of sorts amongst his peers. He’s a simple person who dedicated his creation magics to a simple reason: To create light in the world. Thereby making others smile by cheering up any atmosphere. Whatever has come to emit light in the world is likely thanks to his own efforts!

The light that comes off from fire… electricity… stars… fireflies…all were ideas of his own to bring light to the world.

At the end of it all however, he would be but one of many who fell to the chaos of Amaurot’s end. Another soul, amplified by the fear of their dying friends and the creatures that now walked the streets, attempted to flee for their life. Not alone, as they had dragged along a close companion in tow. One life he hoped to save as they fled.

It was all for naught. For as they were cornered, all he could do is a final selfless act to protect his dear friend. Using his body as a shield in a futile attempt to save their life… yet neither would go on to see what would happen next.

Mayhaps a good thing. Both died innocent and free of knowing what awaited the remainder of their kin. Yet their souls would be sundered all the same.